Long Beach Hospitality Alliance Talking Points

LBHA Hotel Safety Report_June 2018

LBHA Hotel Safety Report_May 2018


1 – Letter to City Clerk: Fraudulent signatures

Letter to City Clerk and Prosecutor re 18600 Violation 5-24-18


2 – The Hospitality and Workload Safety Ordinance: Long Beach leaders reject law that would protect housekeepers at local hotels



3 – Labor Advocates look to voters to bring Claudia’s Law to Long Beach



4 – “Claudia’s Law (Item 22 of Council Agenda), September 2017

-Item 22 up for consideration by the Long Beach City Council, is a transparent attempt to unionize all Long Beach hotels.

-Long Beach hotels with more than 100 rooms are already required to have panic buttons or offer help hotlines.

-This ordinance does not make sense as it only applies to the hotels in Long Beach with more than 100 rooms that already have security and safety measures in place.

-Long Beach hotels work extremely hard to ensure a safe working environment, keeping their employees and guests at the forefront of every decision made.

-Long Beach hotels take any allegation of sexual misconduct extremely seriously, going to great lengths to provide their employees with training and resources needed on this most important issue.

-Locally, over the past 18 months, Long Beach hotels have mandated training programs for their employees such as sexual assault, human trafficking, and self-defense.

-To date, hundreds of employees have participated in these training programs.

-This ordinance would place significant, unnecessary burdens on hotel customers and employees, forcing hotels to choose between protecting their guests or protecting their employees when the industry must do both.

-This ordinance would create a blacklist of all guests accused of sexual harassment. This would violate the constitutional rights of guests, needlessly damage reputations and put hoteliers at risk of costly civil lawsuits.

-This ordinance attempts to hijack the very important issue of sexual harassment in a blatant effort to pass new workplace rules that threaten Long Beach’s TOT revenue.

-At threat are Long Beach’s hotel properties which are an integral part of the local economy.

-Of the 57 hotels in the Long Beach market place roughly 15 have over 100 rooms.

-In 2016, the Long Beach hospitality industry paid $26.0 million in Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT). Half of the TOT is paid directly to the City’s General Fund and half is paid to the Special Advertising and Promotion Fund.

-More than 82% of Long Beach hotel workers are city residents who contribute to the city’s tax base and its businesses.

-In 2016, the Long Beach hospitality industry had an average occupancy rate of 77.5%


Hotels Remain Committed to A Safe and Healthy Work Environment for All Employees

-The hotel industry has a record of combatting sexual violence and human trafficking. AHLA has partnered with leading national organizations in each of these areas to develop appropriate training resources for employees in order to both raise awareness about these very serious issues and ensure both employees and guests feel safe in their environment.

-The hotel industry has a long-standing commitment to raising awareness of sexual violence and providing hotel operators with new training tools and resources to educate employees on identifying and reporting sexual harassment and assault.

-AH&LA has partnered with the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV) to produce a 30-minute online training program to address the issue of sexual violent in the hospitality industry and offer tips to combat the issue.

-AH&LA believes strongly that the hotel industry must also continue to do everything it can to raise awareness of human trafficking and train hotel workers on the vital role that they can play in helping victims.

-Over the past several years, AH&LA has partnered with ECPAT-USA and Polaris to raise awareness and develop an online training program targeted at equipping the hotel industry to respond to incidences of human trafficking on hotel properties.

-Hotels remain committed to a safe and healthy work environment for all team members. Most Long Beach hotels already have best practices and technology in place to address the safety and security of their employees that precedes this initiative and we continuously update their protocols to best address their employees’ needs.


5 – Measure N: Long Beach hotel wage measure